Thursday, October 30, 2014

Your Testimony will make others BOLD

This blog is about to change direction a little bit not too much though. I'm enthused everyday about the passion I see around me from those within my age group desiring to see a change in their community as well as themselves.  Radically investing in the next generation by simply sharing a piece of their lives with one another and those younger or older than them.I absolutely LOVE it! This is part of building stronger lasting relationships, the kind that passes down from one generation to another leaving a legacy of faith, love, and purity for this world to rejuvenate with each passing year. 

I have the pleasure of interacting with young people around my community, this is very important to me because, well, I have children and some of the things I witness going on today in schools and homes and prisons are quite disturbing. It can leave you discouraged about where society is headed and I'm positive if I feel this way then our children must feel this deep sense of pressure even if they are unsure where to place the emotion at the time. The resulting truth I gain from most of their stories is that I couldn't possibly understand what its like to live through what they are going through. Even with all the encouraging words to give them its still an "easier said than done" type feeling. The mentality is now that of survival, eat or be eaten. Can you imagine being ill equipped to take on all that the world can throw at you but still have to face it head on no questions asked. Some of us have felt this way at one point but instead of utilizing what was left for you (the passing down of material, wealth, knowledge, or a trade etc) because it isn't being taught or shown anymore or even discussed you are left to find your own. Lets not mention if the motivation to find your own isn't really developed you are left with just following what the majority is doing because they seem to be making it or at least having "fun" anything to take your mind off of the misery the future holds. Imagine feeling alone in a place inhabited by billions of people. This is what I hear everyday. Now I understand there are programs and centers located all across the globe to access knowledge and tools needed for teens and young adults to begin to change and grow but why is it still so difficult to get them to these places. Its not enough to just say they don't want help, so, O well! moving forward with my life. Let's start a movement of motivation, inspiring one another to want MORE. As I get older I'm finding it more important to tell my story. I used to think it was unnecessary, "they don't need to hear what I've gone through just the result which is positive and I definitely don't want anyone feeling pity for me so I'll just leave the struggle out of the success they'll get the motivation they need." WRONG! Doing this left to many unanswered questions and young people begin to not really come to adults because they don't feel a sense of something REAL to relate to. My Challenge for you is to tell your story, I'm not saying tell every gory, juicy detail, some things should be left out (certain things must be understood with maturity). Just know your story can make the difference in a decision today, everyday.