Monday, July 1, 2019

A Solid Foundation

Building relationships are important to know and understand how to do. So far each post I have written is pertaining to a relationship with God being the foundation to our  relationships. Why should our relationship with God be our foundation to build on? God gives you the opportunity through our relationships with others to build on what He has established in you. Notably this but it is also allows us to give to others who God has called us to be. Knowing who you are is primary to how you respond to being in relationships with others. The process of building in relationships is to improve who we are and what/how we do.

Building a better relationship with God is building a better you. He knows the purpose in His creation. Investing in this can bring you peace and that is truthfully the real goal in life. Understanding who you are will build confidence and cause you to live by a standard. Having a standard means you will not allow others to dictate or take over your life, self-worth, and purpose.

"He who loves understands, and he who understands loves." 
-Paul Tournier

I enjoy this quote because it brings out the truth in which we must take into account. Sure it's important that we love but more importantly to understand why we must love. We must love with no condition attached just simply because we understand that without it we cannot truly be imitators of God. God is love.

Build in love, the kind that permeates throughout your entire being and takes you into eternal peace and joy.