Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just Me and Him

Growing into adulthood I could never quite figure out why I was always so different, why I didn’t care for the same things the majority did, or even why I felt when those were in need. I been told “Grace, you’re just a good person” Not that I don’t believe them but it had to be something more. I have been to a point where I just don’t trust men any more (Human kind) but I never stop having faith in human nature. (sounds twisted huh?) Why can’t I just say forget this world and all things in it!!! That’s when I was reminded (Let’s just say by something divine) that when I was younger I used to always say, “I wana be just like my father.” Yeah, every girl looks up to her dad and mine, well I thought he was perfect. Yeah he has been through a lot and made his share of mistakes but out of all his faults I saw his passion more. I admired his relationship with God and His will. He studied and made it his life to do for Him. I wanted to be just like my “father”.  I wanted to be blessed (Happy) beyond measure and posses insurmountable peace.  I was 4years old by the way. I remember saying these things as if I knew that it would be needed in the future. It was pointed out to me that I have two fathers: an earthy and a heavenly. Now I didn’t specify but how many of you know that I didn’t need to (insert Amen here). Well I didn’t because I believe as a child you know exactly what you want and nothing seems impossible because you posses everything (We lose this quality when we get older).  All this is my testimony and now I don’t ask why because I am my Father and He is me. I speak for us. I speak to make His Word flesh. My one True relationship is the one I have with my Father and It is my example for all the ones after.  I share with you my Truths on Relationships.

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