Friday, May 18, 2012

Divinely Defined


We hear it all the time work on you, strive to be the best you, study to show yourself prove.
It’s my choice to present to you relationships from a spiritual stand because this is where it began on its own and it is where it will ultimately end. We are always confronted with the things and ways of the physical .  And from our contact with these things our experience with them help us to relate to who we are, you know that feeling you get when you do things and it just doesn’t feel all together right or sometimes it does but it feels good not just in one way to you but deeper. The lessons you learn through life help but what is it that defines these lessons? Have you ever been through a situation and found a perfect solution for its resolve then you encountered a similar situation and thought Hey I should be able to use what I did last time right? And then reality shows that was not the best solution for the situation even it if was the exact same coincidence as the first, It just didn’t work this time. Why? There is still more to learn than what the surface showed. These situations and feelings give most of us a sense of spirituality, or where it began without our awareness of it. You should be aware of your divine definition.

What do you know about where you came from? We discussed last lesson that we were made in God’s likeness or image. (cf Genesis 1:26-31) What is this image of God?
The challenge this question presents to our mind is baffling, I mean He is clearly not a person, but He  does posses some human traits like love and forgiveness. We may begin to think of how He appears to the naked eye, does He have a nose, mouth, eyes? How can we possibly understand this “image” the one that we suppose to have as well?
Well let’s go back to lesson 1. We brought up in John chapter 1 this Word that was with Him before we discovered that it was Him. This Word had a purpose in being in a relationship with Him first, meaning God had to attain some sort of knowledge or lesson from His initial experience with this Word. I am now going to start calling this Word “wisdom”. Yes, This Word could be many things but I find it most significant to call it by its end result. Wisdom is a name reflective on what exactly He had to possibly gain from being with it so close to the fact that He became it Himself. Could this possibly be a part of His image? Wisdom, this would mean we also have this and that could explain why most of us choose to learn from life experiences or take it to personal depth the things we encounter daily including some of the relationships we hold. Our spirit desires to know this Wisdom or Word or God or ourselves? Is God a subject of relation for you when it comes to attaining wisdom about yourself?  

How well do you manage this relationship?
Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
I would like everyone to read this verse and express to me what it means to them?

 NOTE: Wisdom is described all through the book of Proverbs (as a woman) if you would like to know more about how it is viewed spiritually. (feel free to ask me questions).
Challenge: In each relationship you have and will have, try to seek out more of a divinely defined you.


  1. Because we live in this world it is very easy to get caught up in the ways of this world. Even though we can't completely remove ourselves from the bad things, we can reduce the influence by staying in the Word, studying the Word, and praying. These are some of the things that will allow us to have a constant renewing of our minds. I don't think God has put us here to avoid everything that is bad or that is a negative situation, He did however give us the tools to fight through the negativity and gain wisdom in the process.

  2. I would like to know more about how wisdom being described as a woman is viewed spiritually?

    1. Its not that Wisdom is described as a woman, The Book of Proverbs describes wisdom and how it is viewed in the Spirit but is personified by stating "HER, SHE, etc" in the place of saying wisdom.
      EX:Proverbs 1
      20 Out in the open wisdom calls aloud,
      she raises her voice in the public square;
      21 on top of the wall[d] she cries out,
      at the city gate she makes her speech

      But this maybe something more to dig into... Why "She" had to be used in some instances when talking about wisdom? Just like why we refer to God as Him when we know He's not human?
      In my opinion it appears like a Marriage is being presented between God and Wisdom, in that case marriage is discussed throughout the entire BIBLE. Hmmmm Something to think about since most say the Book doesn't directly discuss the ideal of marriage between man and woman by God. We constantly have to use how He spoke in the text to get the ideal of marriage like the fact He created ONE man and ONE woman n beginning, from that point on God was showing the ideal of what it represents and how it should be used by describing HIMSELF throughout the rest of the BOOK, being the example of it HIMSELF.
      I challenge you to read Proverbs though just to start gaining a concept of Wisdom in Gods point of view.